“Behold, I am vile.” By CH Spurgeon

• July 5, 2017

“Behold, I am vile.”
–Job 40:4

Here is an encouraging word for you, poor lost sinner! You think you can not come to God because you are vile, but know this– there isn’t a saint living on earth who has not felt the same way. If Job, and Isaiah, and Paul were all compelled to say, “I am vile,” will you be ashamed to make the same confession? If God’s grace does not clear the sin from your life, how else do you plan to get rid of it? If God loves His people while they are still vile sinners, do you think that your vileness will keep Him from loving you?

Jesus is calling you in your vile condition, so trust Him today. Right now say to Him, “Lord Jesus, you have died for sinners; I am a sinner; sprinkle your blood on me.” I tell you that, if you will confess your sin, you will find pardon. If you, with all your heart, will say, “I am vile, wash me,” then you will be washed now. Even though you woke up this morning with all kinds of sins on your account, you will come away from this reading with your debts forgiven, and you can rest tonight accepted by God in Christ. The rags of your sin will be exchanged for a robe of Christ’s righteousness, and you will appear as white as the angels.

Listen! Don’t delay! Now is the right time. Trust Jesus to make you clean, and you will be saved. Oh! May the Holy Spirit give you faith in the One who makes even the filthiest sinner clean.

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